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Age: 12 | Hometown: Newhall, Santa Clarita, CA

What are you most excited about joining

I’m super excited about giving the fans a fun show while traveling the country with my MasterChef Junior Friends.

What is your favorite dish (sweet or savory)?

Like most kids my age, I love pizza. Homemade create your own toppings is the best. I really love making any dishes that involve homemade pasta. Making and rolling out my own dough relaxes me, and I find making pasta so satisfying. Who doesn’t love homemade pasta and sauce!

About Malia:

I’m just a girl who dreams and believes. I was a fan of MasterChef Junior for years. I watched every episode. At the end of each episode when the announcer reminded the viewers about casting, I would ask my mom to audition. My mom would caution me and say, what are the odds? I didn’t care about odds, I just wanted to go for it! So, we did! The MasterChef Junior experience did not disappoint. The once in a lifetime experiences, the culinary adventures and the MasterChef Junior friendships continue! I’m so grateful to be a part of the MasterChef Junior family. When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me working on my other passion in the dance studio. I love all forms of dance and I don’t mind putting in long hours. When I do something I love, it doesn’t feel like work. In my spare time, I like to indulge in extreme sports like motocross, wake boarding and waterskiing. My family and I enjoy simple moments of camping with family and friends - campfires, adventures and card games all night.

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Age: 9 | Hometown: Livingston, NJ

What are you most excited about joining

I’m excited to hopefully inspire other kids to cook and eat healthy and to chase their dreams no matter the circumstances.

What is your favorite dish (sweet or savory)?

Rack of lamb with a Dijon mustard and rosemary coating served with traditional Greek Salad and Tzatziki!

About Matthew:

Matthew Smith is a 9-year-old 4th grader from Livingston, NJ. He was a Top 8 finalist in MasterChef Junior Season 7. Besides cooking, Matthew enjoys gymnastics, dance, swimming, piano and singing. He’s also the Vice President of his school’s student council and his motto is ‘dream it, do it’ which he hopes to inspire others to do as well.



Age: 14 | Hometown: San Diego, CA

What are you most excited about joining

I am so excited to tour with MasterChef Junior Live! to travel the country seeing new places while cooking and meeting new people!!

What is your favorite dish (sweet or savory)?

My favorite dish to cook is a filet beef Wellington with truffle mash potatoes and a red wine demi-glace.

About Evan:

Evan Estrada is a young 14-year-old chef with an incredible passion for food, culture and making people happy. Evan appeared as a contestant on MasterChef Junior Season 6, and learned amazing recipes and cooking skills while on the show with Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Christina Tosi. Since being on the show Evan has continued to cook, and has been a guest chef in restaurants, catered dinner parties and made delicious treats for different non-profit events. Evan has raised over $40,000 for different non-profit events with his cooking talents. He has traveled to numerous countries exploring history, culture and the culinary arts. He loves sports and cooking for his family and friends while hosting events and dinner parties! Evan challenges himself everyday through his cooking, and is constantly learning to be the best chef he can be!

"I acquired a passion for cooking at a very young age. I started watching cooking shows when I was 8 years old because I loved learning about other countries and I wanted to travel all over the world. I knew every country flag by the time I was 6. After watching chefs prepare hours-worth of recipes from around the globe, I started to experiment with different cuisines in the kitchen.

No recipe was too hard, I wanted to try them all. The more complicated the better. My determination to perfect every recipe led to hours in the kitchen. Through both failures and success, I developed a love and passion for cooking and trying new recipes.”

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Age: 14 | Hometown: Milton, GA

What you are most excited about joining

I'm excited for MasterChef Junior Live! because I look forward to meeting fans of the show and sharing my love of cooking with everyone.

What is your favorite dish (sweet or savory)?

Caribbean spiced salmon filet with yellow coconut curry broth and garlic ginger basmati rice

About Jasmine:

Jasmine Stewart is the proud winner of MasterChef Junior, Season 5. When she took home the title at age 12, she became the first African American winner of MasterChef Junior and the only contestant in the show’s history to win the show after having been eliminated. She is a perfect example of the result of hard work and sheer determination. Jasmine was honored to work with both Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi, the judges of this FOX television show, as well as with Martha Stewart, Wolfgang Puck and many others. Since the show, Jasmine has stayed busy with Camp MasterChef appearances, launched an online cooking class via BluPrint called “Jasmine’s Delightful Desserts”, was selected to be a part of the Junior Chef Council for Great Wolf’s Lodge, and frequently serves as a keynote speaker across the country. She is currently a 9th grader at Milton High School and lives in Milton, GA with her parents and older brother, Justin. A self-proclaimed “foodie”, Jasmine enjoys trying and creating new recipes whenever she has an opportunity. She is an entrepreneur who has started her own company focused on girl empowerment and motivational speaking. As a part of that effort, she created the hashtag, theme, and slogan of “Let Your Inner Girl Slay” which is designed to encourage young girls to be confident and not fear pursuing their inner dreams and hopes. This is a message Jasmine promotes daily. At school, Jasmine plans to cheer, be an active member of the student council, and recreate her afterschool program focused on entrepreneurship and leadership. She is a member of the dance company at the Renaissance International School of Performing Arts (RISPA), where she trains and competes on a regional level. In her spare time, Jasmine is a typical teen who enjoys cooking, shopping, fashion, dancing, reading, sports, and hanging with her friends.